Friday, 30 December 2011

Oil Temperature Gauge

Ok, did the whole 12buck oil temperature gauge mod.

Works excellent, running on the blackstuff at about 55mph temperature is 240F

Trail riding in 1st & 2nd gear temperature is 225F

Highest it went during the afternoon is 248F

Now the BRP has got only 280km on the clock so I am not hammering it yet, I will keep updating the temperature readings.

Here's some pictures

Monday, 26 December 2011

Xmas UPS

Ok, got the following delivered by the UPS Xmas man.

XR's Only Muffler

Uni Filter

Clark 4.7 Tank

XR's Only Smog block off kit

Harbor Freight Temperature Gauge

Fastenal M20 x 2.5 Bolts

Still waiting for

Jets from JetsRus

Handguards from Highway Dirt Rider

Vapour Instrument

Pivot Pegz

The plan is to dyne my XR before doing any modifications and then dyno it after, will give feedback on what jets eventually gave best result.

I did do the Oil Temperature Gauge Modification this afternoon, will have to wait for the glue to set, so tomorrow I will be able to start having an idea of just how hot the Big Red Pig runs. This will eventually give the information that is needed to decide whether to fit an oil cooler or not. It will also give an idea of running temperature differences after the smog stuff, air filter, jets and exhaust have been done

Monday, 19 December 2011


Well after some research, I went ahead and ordered the following:

Xr's Only Smog Kit

Uni Filter from Xr's Only

Xr's Only Exhaust

Clark 4.7 from CycleBuy

Now ones these have arrived via the post we will continue with the assembly

I have also found the Jets for the Dave's Carb Mod at Jetrus, I think, as soon as I can get confirmation that these are the correct ones to buy, they will be ordered.

Then I have decided that the Hand Guards that I want are the Ultimate Handguards

Now I am still looking for a digital oil temperature gauge before I decide on which oil cooler I must get.

Open to any suggestions

Sunday, 4 December 2011

1st real drive

A buddy of mine on a 1150GS went with on the 1st drive. I filled up the tiny 10l tank and off we went. Took a handheld Garmin GPS with to check accuracy. GPS indicated 110km/h while the speedometer indicated about 112km/h, not bad actually.

The 1st 40km was downwind on tar in a wind of about 50 to 60 km/h, outside temperature around 33c

Stopped outside Veldrift for something cool. Frame was quite hot, have to get a oil temperature gauge so that I can see how hot it actually gets.

The next 90km was into the wind and on a mixture of tar and gravel. With such a strong wind from the front I had to really hold onto the handlebars.

The main tank ran dry at 130km, switched to reserve and filed up about 5km later. Put in 8.1l of fuel which gave me a fuel consumption of 16.6km/l, I was disappointed with this initially until I searched the web and found that it sounds about right for the XR.

The stick tank only takes 10l, so an aftermarket tank is on the shopping list.

500Km Run In

The dealer advised that I would have a 500Km run in period and the 1st service is at 1000km and then after that the services would be every 6000km. The 1st 60km consisted of some short drives in town. 

Removal of cosmetic wind scoops

The next item that was removed promptly was the cosmetic wind scoop. Serves no purpose and it would not fit with the aftermarket fuel tank that is planned.

The XR actually feel more stable with them removed.

Brand Spanking New Honda XR650L

Ok so the Blog starts about 1 week after I received my XR. Got it from the dealer with 1.3km on the clock.

I decided to research modifications extensively before making them. The very first modification was to remove the spark arrester in the stock muffler. It just sounded very weak and soft.

Could definitely feel improved throttle response and it sound like a Thumper.