Sunday, 4 December 2011

1st real drive

A buddy of mine on a 1150GS went with on the 1st drive. I filled up the tiny 10l tank and off we went. Took a handheld Garmin GPS with to check accuracy. GPS indicated 110km/h while the speedometer indicated about 112km/h, not bad actually.

The 1st 40km was downwind on tar in a wind of about 50 to 60 km/h, outside temperature around 33c

Stopped outside Veldrift for something cool. Frame was quite hot, have to get a oil temperature gauge so that I can see how hot it actually gets.

The next 90km was into the wind and on a mixture of tar and gravel. With such a strong wind from the front I had to really hold onto the handlebars.

The main tank ran dry at 130km, switched to reserve and filed up about 5km later. Put in 8.1l of fuel which gave me a fuel consumption of 16.6km/l, I was disappointed with this initially until I searched the web and found that it sounds about right for the XR.

The stick tank only takes 10l, so an aftermarket tank is on the shopping list.

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